Updating SPSS License

1. From the Start Menu (Spotlight Search on Mac), search for and open "IBM SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard”.

2. Once the Authorization Wizard opens, click “Next” on the next 2 screens.

3. On the 3rd screen you will need to enter the code for the version of SPSS you have installed. (If you have version 25 and would like to be updated to 27, let me know and we’ll come install it.)

Teacher Computers - Authorized User

Lab Computers - Concurrent User

4. Click “Next” on the current screen and the next. The 5th screen will have an option to “Finish.”

That’s it, SPSS is now licensed for the next year.

Creation date: 6/9/2023 10:06 AM (brianar@southern.edu)      Updated: 6/9/2023 10:06 AM