Parent Portal - Creating An Account

Once granted access, you will need to send and Invite to your parent so they can create a Parent Account.

1. In MyAccess, click on the Academics tab, then click Academic Profile.
2. Under your picture and to the right under Information Access should be listed your parent(s) name(s).  If they do not yet have a Parent Account, you will see a green "Send Invite" link under their name.  Click that "Send Invite Link".
3. On the page that comes up, enter their email address and phone number.  (If they do not have a US phone number, enter a fake number like (555) 555-5555) and click the SEND button.  An email should be sent to the parent's email address.

4. The parent needs to click the link contained in the email to begin the setup process.
5. The parent then needs to enter their personal details and click Next Page”

6. Create a password for your account matching the criteria listed

7. Click “Create Account”
8. You will be redirected to the “Guest Account Created” page
9. Visit and log in with your email and new Southern password

If you need additional help, please call us at 423-236-2707
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