TouchNet vs Parent Portal

Parent Portal vs TouchNet for Parents

There are two systems that parents can use to access your student’s information, the Parent Portal and TouchNet (your student must grant you access to each system independantly). The Parent Portal is a service developed by Southern for you to access a variety of resources for your students attending Southern. TouchNet is third party service which provides specific financial services to both students and parents specifically for making payments, setting up payment plans, viewing 1098-T’s and statements. At this time, each system requires parents to setup different accounts to access the services

Parent Portal

You can access the Parent Portal at (Figure 1). If you have trouble accessing the Parent Portal, you can reset your password online.

Figure 1: Landing Page for the Parent Portal


Within the Parent Portal is a link to TouchNet (Figure 2), however, you can go directly to TouchNet’s login page using (Figure 3).

Figure 2: Link to TouchNet within Parent Portal

Figure 3: Landing Page for TouchNet

If you have trouble accessing TouchNet, you must reset your password at the TouchNet login page ( If your password is incorrectly entered to many times, your TouchNet account will become locked. This lock will expire after 30 minutes, in which time you can login again. Otherwise, if you do not wish to wait, you can reset your password.

Southern is able to unlock your account in TouchNet or to manually trigger a password reset.

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