New Suggested 7/26/2023 by Brielle Bange



Add Drop Enhancement Ideas

1) Can we create a third option for faculty?  A pending category that allows them to put the form on hold while they meet with the student. (29112)
2) Can we generate a report that will tell us how many days it takes for forms to be signed?  I would love to know by individual faculty.  If not, then by department would be the next best scenario.  It would be helpful to target pain points in our process and provide quantitative data to Academic Administration. (29113)
3. Can we create a way for student's to attach documents to the add/drop form?   Either a photo or a pdf document? (28942)
4. (29110)
  • In Add section, list class name next to class prefix & number
  • List advisor name, in the advisor section, on the form for easy access for others viewing the form
  • List total number of hours currently registered for in the semester
5.Additional data needed:
1) document from medical professional so the ability to upload a photo of the form or a file
2)  Dionne Felix, Academic Administration, wants to sign off on all medical withdraw forms.  I would put the signature before Student Finance in the order. (29114)

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